News364 December 17, 2022

A spot where four youngsters tragically fell into a frozen lake and eventually perished has been blocked off with barriers and caution tape.

Following the incident at Babbs Mill Park in Solihull last week, Jack Johnson, 10, Thomas Stewart, 11, brothers Finlay and Samuel Butler, 8, perished. Samuel Butler, 6, and Finlay, 8.

Sadly, six-year-old Samuel passed away on Wednesday in intensive care. Three of the four boys experienced heart arrests after getting into the icy water.

Since the horrifying occurrence on Sunday of last week, which forced officials across the nation to issue urgent warnings on the hazards of playing on ice, significant portions of the park have been closed off.

Although West Midlands Police later stated that this was likely only the four youngsters playing on the ice, they would nevertheless continue to search the water just in case. Eyewitnesses had first reported seeing up to six kids playing on the ice.

In a joint statement released by police, the relatives of the lads paid tribute to them.

Sam, 6, Finlay, 8, and Thomas’s parents said today: “Our family is heartbroken over the untimely loss of our three adorable boys, Tom, Fin, and Sam.

“We want to express our gratitude to the community for their tremendous support as well as to the emergency services for their efforts in saving the boys.

In this very sad moment, “we would like to send our condolences to Jack’s family and ask for privacy from the media to start grieving.”

Before the devastating news of Sam’s passing, Thomas’ older brother paid respect to him and his cousin. Thomas had a tremendous heart for such a little child, was so gorgeous, and was such a lively little spirit, the author said.

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“He enjoyed playing with his friends outside. I love you, Tom, and I’ll see you soon. Big brother will take care of the family. Will you make sure to continue using Warzone to practice and succeed?

“This is a tragedy beyond words and a loss that is incomprehensible for the family and friends of the boys,” said Supt. Rich Harris of the West Midlands Police.

The community’s generosity has been astounding, and we are grateful for it on behalf of both the emergency services and the bereaved families.