News364 December 17, 2022

After Summer vanished in recent episodes on the ITV soap, Coronation Street viewers have joined Billy Mayhew in their widespread suspicions of Mike and Esther.

Billy confronted the couple and objected to Summer being used as a surrogate for them.

Mike told him about Summer’s miscarriage and the fact that she hadn’t reimbursed them for their money as he accused them of exploiting her.

Billy then informed Summer, Todd, and Paul that he would be filing a police report against Mike and Esther for grooming Summer.

Billy vowed to do everything in his power to defend Summer after she made a promise to vanish from the paving stones if he followed through on his threat.

Paul talked him out of reporting Mike and Esther so they could keep Summer safe outside the police station.

Later on Friday night, Billy discovered a note from Summer that read: “I left for a while because I needed some alone time. Don’t look for me, please. Summer.”

Aaron became enraged and yelled that Summer was determined not to be found while Billy fretted that she might have vanished to Mike and Esther’s house.
He subsequently admitted that he was to blame for Summer eloping and said: “She only required a listening ear, and all I did was pass judgment. Now, she might be anywhere.”

Mike and Esther’s fans have developed a deep level of mistrust for the couple because they think there is more to the desperate parents-to-be than first appears.

On Twitter, one user wrote: “Wow, summer is officially over. She has probably joined the cult and will be residing in Mike and Esther’s commune.”
Summer has relocated to Mike and Esther’s basement, according to another.

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A third person asked, “Summer’s going to sleep with Mike isn’t she?” indicating that others were considering even more evil possible ideas.

One more echoed: “Another person wrote: “Wait until Bill finds out Mike intends to inseminate Summer. I guarantee she comes back pregnant by Mike!!” When he gets hold of him, there won’t be any hail Marys.”

“Mike is basically threatening to rape Summer! Billy needs to get the police involved!” another wrote.