News364 December 17, 2022

One of the most recognizable yet contentious elements of a traditional Christmas feast, many people have been pronouncing “Brussels sprouts” incorrectly their entire lives.

There’s no avoiding Brussels sprouts at Christmastime, and the argument over whether they’re vile or delectable is one of the most spirited of all holiday arguments.

Families are likely to become splintered once more when individuals are shocked to discover that they have been pronouncing Brussels sprouts incorrectly their entire lives, despite the fact that many of us have eaten the contentious vegetable on Christmas Day for as long as we can remember.

The turkeys and trimmings have become a popular topic on social media as holiday enthusiasts anticipate their delectable feast with just over a week till the big day. However, it turns out that people have been referring to Brussels sprouts in a completely erroneous way, which has caused a frenzy.

One user revealed the astounding information on Twitter by writing: “Apparently, it’s actually ‘Brussels sprout’ and not ‘Brussel sprouts’.”

After learning the truth about the common tiny cabbage, someone exclaimed that their “whole existence has been a deception.”

Others rejected the idea completely, arguing that it “hurts to say it the other way.”

Another Twitter user described the news as ‘crushing’, adding: “All these years you’ve been lied to. Ugh.”

While most people in the Twitter thread were utterly baffled by the mishap, a select few were offended that people were only just realising how to pronounce Brussels sprouts as adults.

One scathed: “Does every single person in these replies also think the region in Belgium is called Brussel?”

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Although it may sound more natural to say “Brussel sprouts,” you would be doing the vegetable a disservice because it actually originated in Brussels, Belgium, and dates all the way back to the 17th century.

The revelation comes as many have also acknowledged that they were unaware of the Nutcracker’s true function, believing the toy troops to be purely ornamental.

A Nutcracker soldier may seem quite clear to some of us, but many people thought of them as only decorative objects.

Its genuine aim has so surprised many while being made very evident in the name.

Surprisingly, nutcrackers are in fact used to crack nuts.

“Nutcrackers are actually used to crack nuts… I was today years old,” tweeted one confused person.

Meanwhile, another wrote: “You’re telling me that nutcrackers can actually crack nuts?’ -Me, Thanksgiving 2022”.