News364 December 17, 2022

After seeing a knockoff of the popular Toblerone, Aldi customers are racing to their local store. Households may be looking for inexpensive options for their preferred chocolate as Christmas Day approaches in an effort to reduce expenditures, and happily, the low-cost store has been offering.

Aldi is known for its knockoffs, and fans of Guylian will recognize the store’s inexpensive substitute, the Belgian Chocolate Seashells. Mark Brown, who has more than a million followers on his @rightguysreview account, posted the cheap substitute for Toblerone on TikTok, claiming that it tastes “exactly the same.”
He purchased the product for for £2.99 for a large 400g bar, which is far less expensive than the 360g size of the original, which sells for 5$

“Right guys, I was recently in Aldi and look what they have — Aldi Toblerone,” Mark said.

“Let’s get one, test it, and see whether it’s like Toblerone,” someone said of the Swiss Collection Chocolate Mountain Bar.
Mark said, “I’m back home folks – and I also bought a standard Toblerone. I’m ready to put the chocolate to the ultimate test.

“The one I normally have is only 100g, however the Aldi one is 400g.”

“Let’s taste it first.” It’s just a Toblerone, he cried.

He studied the contents side by side and was surprised to see that the chocolate even appeared to be remarkably identical.

They are exactly the same, he declared.


Flocking to the comments, Mark left viewers rushing to share their thoughts about the tasty alternative – and several were already big fans of their own.

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One person said: “Aldi version is lush!”

“The Aldi one is lovely,” another added.

A third wrote: “Can’t go wrong with any Aldi chocolate. It’s lovely.”

Meanwhile, a different user wrote: “Awww wish I had seen this was gonna get my daughter one but thought it wouldn’t taste the same.”

Another claimed: “Probably the same item, someone who works in a Lidl says Lidl choc seashells are made at the same place Guylian are .. maybe this is the same”